Why do liberals hate fetuses?

I was tempted to change this image when it happened, but then i thought... 'nah!'

Excuse my French (and the fact it has nothing to do with Monsieur Sarkozy), but what the hell is going on? When did liberals in the right-to-life vs science/a woman’s right to choose debate actually become the caricature they have been portrayed as by the Conservative Church? It pains me to use hyperbole and sensationalist language about my liberal brothers and sisters, but, when did they actually start hating fetuses?

Perhaps I exaggerate. But last week we read about the human embryology bill and the controversy surrounding the Catholic Church’s statements in opposition to it, and something occurred to me. The pro-life view that it is always wrong to kill a fetus is often derided because it takes into account only one position: that human life is valuable from conception. But the almost unquestioning liberal support demonstrated in debates last week for embryo-tampering research suggests that some people will find any reason to be anti-fetus.

When we’re talking about abortion, the justification is ‘choice’. A woman’s right to decide what happens to her body. But at other times, the same people come out and say the reason fetuses need to die this time is ‘science’. Finding many justifications for the same end is not helping paranoid fetuses, who already think: ‘they’re out to get me’. They clearly are.

Now, I’m no fan of kids. I have, on occasion, wanted to throttle, punch or otherwise lightly kill some underage member of our species because it was annoying me. But even I don’t understand the fear among my liberal friends, Christian and non-Christian, of expressing pro-life views. It’s like the only reasonable opinion to have on any matter regarding unborn children is the one in which the fetus gets it in the neck.

So I want to ask my liberal friends: why do you hate unborn babies? What did they ever do to you? Sure, they look like the live snake-food you buy in pet-shops, and, when you get right down to it, they’re not really bringing much to the table in terms of conversation, work-ethic or sex-appeal. But is that any reason to side against them in every argument?

I think Christians are to blame. The pro-life lobby, mainly. The unloving attitude of those campaigning for fetal rights towards unfortunate women (who have chosen to have abortions) and the ignorant ravings employed against scientists have damaged our reputation, obviously. But more than that, they have damaged the reputation of the pro-life cause. Our own disgraceful behaviour has made it easy for cynical individuals and institutions, motivated by profit from research or just a nihilistic rejection of basic human worth to win the argument before it has begun. ‘If you’re pro-life’, they insidiously suggest, ‘you’re intolerant, a nutter, a bigot, a superstitious fool.’ And many of us (Christians, liberals, thoughtful people), not wishing to draw social fire, would rather change our heartfelt views, or at least keep them secret, than suffer the shame of aligning ourselves to an embarrassing opinion.

While there is much rubbish bandied about in the media about fetal-rights issues (‘dumbed-down science so we, the masses will understand; dumbed-down politics so that we will obey; dumbed-down ethics so that we will assume we must keep our faith separate from our politics), we should be clear in our minds. There is no overwhelmingly powerful argument, scientifically or otherwise, for believing that a human fetus is not fully human. And if we care about adults dying in poverty or war, if we object to parents killing their toddlers, if we use terms like ‘basic human dignity’, we should not automatically ashamed to apply those standards to the unborn. That way, real debate may take place, instead of caricatures on both sides.


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  1. Liberals will liberate you.

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