1968: paranoia and realism on BBC

“What worries me is the degree to which that paranoia may be operating today,” says a wheelcahir-bound, white-haired former anti-Vietnam demonstrator about how seriously police took ridiculous stories about a sinister ‘political organisation’ called The Doors were headed for Britain and that they must be stopped.

Other stories, about eggs filled with acid and planned attacks on the Daily Mirror and the Playboy Club were also widely reported and taken seriously by police. But then, that’s fair enough, because, according to one of the journalists who broke the story, the information was fed directly from special branch.

So perhaps paranoia about being involved in anti-war, anti-capitalist or other demonstrations is justified? If it is, it makes protesting all the more important.

Click here to watch the video on the BBC.

Another look at the uprisings of 1968 is available by clicking here.


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