In Russia, oil controls you

yeah, i know it's not soviet anymore. still funny tho.

Russian jokes – when you hear ’em, you love ’em. I’m not talking about the cult ‘Russian Reversal‘ jokes (‘In America you can always find a party. In Russia, Party finds you!’) but a wisecrack made by Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations last week. Mr Churkin was responding to the American permanent representative statement that ‘states must refrain from the use of force or from the threat of use of force’. He said: ‘I would like to ask the honourable representative of the United States: Have you found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, or are you still looking for them?’

Agree or disagree, but you gotta admit: that’s A-grade material for the non-yuk-fest that is the UN. Personally, I agree. The absurd hypocrisy of the USA lecturing anyone about aggression is matched only by the absurdity of it or the UK lecturing Russia on ‘recognising’ breakaway states. Let’s remember that Kosovo declared independence recently and was happily recognised by many, without David (never in the same room as David Cameron, do you think that’s a coincidence) Miliband rushing around Europe bleating about how the recognition, in itself, was an act of aggression. The fact is, Kosovo likes the West, so the West recognised it. Ossetian separatists like Russia. Duh. The way our media and government have reacted to the recent crisis, with its disproportionate use of force on both sides, is shaped by one fact: we don’t like Russia.

It’s true. Russia are the bad guys. Everybody knows that. They wear furry hats, they drink alcohol made from potatoes and they sound like spies. Not liking Russia seems to be not just our history, but a kind of policy. In the Cold War, we didn’t like them because they were an ‘Evil Empire’, Communists and a danger to the free world. When that ideology fell, we then distrusted them because of organised crime, dangerous oligarchs and corruption. And now we dislike them because they are aggressive and act unilaterally (how could we be allies with a country like that?). That’s a lot of different reasons for disliking the same country. It’s almost like we don’t want to like them.

May I suggest something? Could the current tension possibly be less about altruism and more about a struggle for dominance between self-interested empires?

And why should this ‘new cold war’ be warming up (or getting frostier) now? Fuel. Gordon Brown wants us to break our dependence on Russian fuel. Look at much of last week’s news and you will see the correlation. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela last week nationalised the country’s fuel suppliers, taking from the corporations and giving to the nation. The verdict? Bad guy. Iran suggested that Opec keep oil prices high and they too are the bad guys (if Shell and BP fight against taxation that would raise money for public benefit, we shrug and say: ‘that’s capitalism. It’s selfish, but it works’– when Iran acts selfishly they are dangerous and wicked). China grabs a contract for Iraqi oil and they are– you guessed it – the bad guys (our oil companies would never look to getting their hands on ‘blood oil’). A few weeks ago the PM spoke about intervening in the Niger delta where dangerous ‘extremists’ (such a useful catch-all word) were threatening stability. What were these bad guys actually threatening? Western oil interests.

It is simplistic to suggest, as some have done, that all contemporary conflict has, at its heart, rich nations’ thirst for oil. But it is naïve (and a dereliction of the Christian’s duty to find and speak truth) to pretend it has nothing to do with our actions a great deal of the time.

Hahaha. Check out how FOX news censors an opposing view on the Georgian conflict:


2 Responses

  1. Gas people, it’s da gas.

    let me know if you can’t open the PDF

  2. aargh! so true! was kinda using oil as a catch-all for fuel generally.
    now i feellike a dumbass.

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