We built this City… We built this City…

Conservative Christians often marvel at Liberals’ ability to ignore or argue away pieces of Scripture that deal with sexual morality, hell or the uniqueness of Christ. Fairy nuff. What’s a little more disturbing is how the vast majority of the Church in the developed world has been able to rationalise away the Biblical attitude to the poor.

You don’t have to read the book of Amos, with its allusions to drinking cool drinks in impressive buildings while the poor suffer (and subsequent promises of vengeance ) to pick this up. You don’t have to draw parallels between those verses and our current crisis. Just look at what Jesus says about the love of money. You cannot serve two masters, he says. Read it.

Then listen to the BBC’s new two-part series, The City (though do it quickly: they don’t leave stuff up very long– all part of ensuring sufficient profits for outsourced producers and publishers). Listen to the descriptions of a city, an industry, an economy built on the love of money. Listen to a clergyman defend it (or weakly criticize it) and reflect whether this kind of greed is what Jesus might have been talking about.

Then ask yourself, if you’re a Christian, why you are okay with it. Why you defend it. Why you would jump to its defense if someone¬† tried to nationalise it, to heavily tax it, to regulate it. If the answer is self-interest, that your job depends on it, either directly or indirectly, you know who you serve. If your answer is ‘hey, dude, i don’t support it, i’m an anarcho-syndicalist with Franciscan spirituality, so back the f*** off.,’ then, er, sorry.


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