Kalle Lasn is a nice guy

Kalle Lasn, Editor of Adbusters Magazine, founder of Buy Nothing Day

I just interviewed Kalle Lasn for a Christian magazine. What a nice guy. What a good man. Completely free of pretention, refusing to resort to ideological cliche, willing to say harsh things about Christianity, the Left, our culture generally, but apparently never with malice. And what he said made sense.

Consumerism, the lifestyle/ philosophy we have allowed ourselves to be duped into by advertising’s relentless messages that we cannot be happy without more stuff, is at the heart of our political, ecological and psychological crisis. Its effects are being felt in the credit crisis. And there is no prescription we can write to make people break free. It has to be a personal epiphany, where you realise a life based on acquisition is fundamentally a disconnected, unhappy one.

Anyway, the bits of the interview i don’t capitalistically sell to the evangelical press, i will post here. I just wanted to say that I like Kalle. He’s a nice man.


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