The news from Honduras last week was grim. President Manuel Zelaya was ousted from office in a coup by a military that  has claimed it is worried about protecting democracy but that seems more likely to have been protecting the wealthy from future social reforms to help the poor and indiginous people of Honduras. It’s rare for a politician to get support from Castro, Chavez and Obama, however guarded, but he has.

Fascinating guy, is Manuel Zelaya. He was elected on a centre-right ticket (law! order!), he comes from a background in business and his change in political sympathies from safe pair of hands for the Honduran middle class to someone being praised by Bolivia’s Evo Morales has shocked some in Honduras.

Fidel Castro said this about him in an article: “Coming from a family of noble descent, he received a Catholic education and… like Hugo Chavez, he found the source of inspiration nourishing his sense of justice in the ideas of Jesus Christ.” And dash it all if that doesn’t fill my heart with warmth and love for the man.

Don’t get me wrong. If you’re worried he’s a scary pinko, Fidel himself says he ”cannot be accused of being either a Marxist or a Communist.’

So take a deep breath, and do pray for Zelaya. Not just that he gets back in (who knows? he may turn out to be terrible) but that if he does, he continues to be guided on a path that will benefit the poor and the weak.

Below is a news piece if you’re not up to speed on what’s been happening.


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