Jonathan Langley

"Radical" because Obama took "Hope" and "Like, totally" was too confusing

"Radical" because Obama took "Hope" and "Like, totally" was too confusing

Jonathan Langley writes a weekly news comment column for The Baptist Times, the Baptist denomination’s weekly newspaper in the UK. During the day, he works for a rather amazing Christian mission agency, but he doesn’t like to embarrass them by linking them with his extra-curricular activities.

As a South African living in the UK (though not one of those who sidles up to you after a few drinks to reveal –shock! horror! they’re racists! as if their non-stop criticism of the ‘bloody “New South Africa”‘ wasn’t clue enough), he is one of the shameless hordes of immigrants from Africa who have come here to steal both British jobs and women. In addition to working for that mission agency, he’s married to a British subject (which is kinda why he’s here), so: so far, so good. He has yet to understand the dual tabloid accusations that immigrants ‘steal jobs’ and are all ‘lazy and on benefits’, but is sure it will make sense if he drinks enough.

Jonathan became a Christian when he was 18 after struggling against it for quite some time. He was convinced to truly open his mind to it when he realised that if he was really seeking truth he had to be open to the possibility that even the religions he disliked might be true. Since then, God has been very good to him.

Jonathan has a background in the music industry where he was an average press-officer and an excellent radio and club DJ. He has never finished his Philosophy Masters Degree and thinks one day soon his mother will forgive him. He occasionally appears on Premier Radio to shout about injustice, capitalism and how he thinks Christians should buy/think/vote.

If you want to contact him — oh, alright, me. Damnit.  If you want to contact me, I’m not going to put my email address here because I’m not insane. Just drop me a comment detailing what you want/need. I guarantee I’m not too popular to check.

7 Responses

  1. Mr Langley!

    How are you these days, and can you be persuaded to blog again? My dear chap, the blogosphere is missing your wit and erudite comments!

    Bye for now.. Peter

  2. Hello Jonathon

    Do you know you family tree, I have been researching mine and wonder if you know of a female Langley marrying or having a child/children with a Stewart in 1800s and living in south africa, please let me know if you know anything


  3. Hi Jonathan
    I just wanted to do a bit of virtual cheering….
    Have just read your Naomi- Klein- lives style article on Disaster Capitalism in the Baptist Times…

    Best bit of analysis I’ve seen…consider yourself severely patronised
    Cheers jan

  4. Liking this a lot. From your English Friend.

  5. […] a columnist for the Baptist Times in Britain, said drone warfare, and their use in targeted assassinations as approved by President Obama, […]

  6. Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.
    Ephesians 4:31‭-‬32

  7. You are not the Jonathan Langley of Little Red Riding Hood, are you?
    I’ve got a (hand-written) letter here for you waiting to be sent for almost a year, but don’t know your address.
    If you are, how can I send it to you?

    Best regards from Italy

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