Demon Hunter: The Triptych

Ah, Christian music. It’s all hands reverently in the air and nice young men with well-behaved hair making nice music for nice people, right? Well, no. Not if Demon Hunter is anything to go by. With more tattoos each than Edinburgh Castle is ever likely to see (come on, that’s a good ‘un) and sporting bandannas, metal haircuts, beards and a strictly black wardrobe, Demon Hunter are not exactly Michael W Smith.

But Demon Hunter are very good at what they do, and what they do is Heavy Metal. Big scary guitars compete with even bigger, scarier vocals and every song is drenched in so much machismo you can almost smell the testosterone. This is not music for getting in touch with your feminine side. It is, however, music that lads (and increasingly, lasses) in their angry teenager phase can relate to. But can a band whose album sounds and looks like this (their logo is a goat-like skull with a bullet-hole in the forehead) be Christian? Singer Ryan Clark puts it simply: “We are a Christian band. We’re actually the band that stands out as one of the more outspoken Christian metal bands, which makes it funny that we get so many questions regarding the legitimacy of our faith.”

Lyrics on The Triptych are a mix of apocalyptic poetry, spiritual war-cries, hymns of personal struggle and savage denunciations of sin and secular materialism. It’s uncompromising stuff, on every level. Musically, aggressive guitar hooks with as much pop sensibility as metal can ever have underlay fast, gritty shouting and regular moments of melody that are so unnecessary and unexpected they verge on (but avoid) being cheesy. So who will like this album? Fans of the heavier side of rock and the main stream of metal. If that’s you, don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me. But it’s more likely to be that sulky teenage ‘coffin-kid’ in the back of your church who can’t wait to leave the pew, the building and the faith. If they are into Slipknot, Korn or Soulfly, this might give them a reason to stick around.

11 Responses

  1. Demon hunter is the best I’m a Christian who listens to this band they help me thought alot I use to listen to the other band like Korn and Slipknot when i listen to them I would get really mad and felt like hurting my self. But with Demon Hunter they , its like they spoke to me and it calms me down sometime and they fill that metal need well that all I have to say.

  2. Demon Hunter is the best band! my friend let me listen to them, when i use to be really big into Godsmack, Disturbed, and Dope. I heard DH, and they blow everyone outta the friggin water! I’ve always had a really hard time about being an outspoken Christian, but with DH, it feels comfortable, because it’s one of the things i love! peace out.

  3. Demon Hunter keeps Christianity real to people like me. I want radical faith not just the regular stuff, and they give me an outlet. They sing about awesome stuff like killing the “infection within.” I don’t know who thinks their faith isn’t real but if it weren’t there is a lot more money to be made if they did openly secular music. Instead, they have stuck with Christian music, and their music is deep, which wouldn’t be possible if they didn’t believe in what they were singing about.

  4. My twelve year old is listening to this I am 40 and i love it (to be a cristian rocks)

  5. Baptists are…wow… no matter what anyone says. they are just.. omgahhh how are they seriously even considering THEMSELVES as christians..? i mean.. read this thing once.. maybe twice. i LOVE this band.. guess what? i sit in the front of church. and if some “christian” baptist is writing this and basically questioning these people’s faith. yeah well. i’m never going to be a baptist. baptists out there: you’re never going to bring anyone into faith if you’re just gonna keep being lyke that.

  6. YES!!!!!! Efan you are so right so sad that most “main stream church folk” have this veiw. denuonce anything that is diffrent than they are !!!!!!

  7. This band is favorite. Aside from kutless and supertones.

  8. If you like christian hardcore music.. listen, if not.. dont. Is that simple ! What matters is our relationship with God. Bydaway my favorite is SNAP YOUR FINGERS, SNAP YOUR HEAD. God bless u guys !

  9. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck is an original song by the band PRONGS… but DH did a great job remaking it… The Blessed Resistance rules!!! \m/

  10. dh is awesome. favourite being fiction kingdon. so yeah it draws glances from my parents but it can be justified. warfare aint slow and peaceful! god rocks! jesus rocks!

  11. This helped me so greatly during my christian walk.
    I was attracted to songs from slipknot such as “Heretic Anthem”
    and they greatly influenced my life now I have DH

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