New review: Norma Jean’s Meridional

Norma Jean : Meridional album cover

courtesy of Razor and Tie

Yes, yes, it has been waaaaaay too long since I updated this puppy. I know. Don’t be hatin’, playa.

I just could not let the opportunity to tell you how superb the latest Norma Jean album is slide quietly past as a result of my laziness.

So, if you want to read my review of Meridional, the latest album from Norma Jean, click here.


New review: Norma Jean vs The Anti Mother

Norma Jean The Anti MotherWell hello there.

Norma Jean are a ridiculously talented and rather heavy band who released an album last year that is generally referred to as The Anti Mother.

To read a review that is not so steeped in the band’s scene and genre that it is impossible for non scenesters to understand, click this link.

new (for this blog anyway) review: Jon ‘Switchfooter’ Foreman

Jon Foreman: Spring/SummerMe, I’m not a Switchfoot fan. All just that little bit too rawk for me. So, in the words of the letters pages of women’s magazines, imagine my surprise when I discovered that lead singer, Jon Foreman was a true artistic genius. He’s released a bunch of EPs of solo stuff and it is truly beautiful, gentle and Godly. This review is a little old but, dammit, it deserves to be out there, adding voice to the support for a truly unique and lovely artist.

Read the review by clicking here.

new review: Family Force 5

Family Force 5: Dance or DieCRUNK!

That’s not really what the latest FF5 album is all about, but there is certainly much to recommend it.

To find out why I’m not regretting naming my kid after this bad and what a nice bunch of southern boys are doing in the 80s, click here and read the review.

Josh Wilson: ‘Trying to fit the ocean in a cup’ review up

New review up. Josh Wilson and his soundtrack to the summer for rich white kids: a waste of time or something deeper lurking?

Click here to read more.

Relient K review up

I’m going to be putting up more reviews and other articles over the course of time. first up, a review of the latest Relient K album. it’s on the right, or just click here.