New review: Norma Jean’s Meridional

Norma Jean : Meridional album cover

courtesy of Razor and Tie

Yes, yes, it has been waaaaaay too long since I updated this puppy. I know. Don’t be hatin’, playa.

I just could not let the opportunity to tell you how superb the latest Norma Jean album is slide quietly past as a result of my laziness.

So, if you want to read my review of Meridional, the latest album from Norma Jean, click here.

New review: Norma Jean vs The Anti Mother

Norma Jean The Anti MotherWell hello there.

Norma Jean are a ridiculously talented and rather heavy band who released an album last year that is generally referred to as The Anti Mother.

To read a review that is not so steeped in the band’s scene and genre that it is impossible for non scenesters to understand, click this link.